Community Projects

Our Community projects are there to help our communities by bringing them different projects that help in maintaining community development.


  1. Environment and Climate change

We are committed to creating a better environment for the future generations and targeting climate change and climate justice 

2. Food Security 

In our is to make our community greater we are seeking to make sure that our communities are cartered for by helping them in food security by aiding them in different farming attributes




3. Health

Health and safety is our thrust thus as a diocese we are pushing to do different health gatherings like Covid awareness, Hiv and Aids.

4. Water and sanitation

As water is a basic necessity , our projects also caters for bring water to different people in different areas as its a basic right in human existence.

We  are striving to get water pollution to be a case of the past by going out there an teaching people on how to use water and how to harvest water in their different regions



5. Saving Group Ministry

Savings are a part of our day to day lives and teaching he community on how to handle their finances is a skillset that all community members are supposed to have to help them in different